Thursday, March 26, 2015

Launch day!

I never ever in a million years thought this day would come. Okay, that sounds way too dramatic. I should say I didn't see this day coming for a very very VERY long time! But its here, and its a very crazy feeling. Its exciting, and daunting, and scary and thrilling, and a thousand and one other feelings. But this is it, no going back now. The Boat Movers have been paid, crane time scheduled at the yard, and our slip at the marina reserved.  Now, all that's left is the boat!

Because of the crazy schedules of everyone in our house I was down at the yard alone for a couple days (Dad was working, and Mom was taxiing the little girls around to their activities), getting everything ready for the infamous Launch Day. I got lots of chores done, finished some last minute straightening up, and ran errands to pick up little odds and ends that we needed. I also finished waxing and shining our masts (Cue Mr Miyagi - "This hand wax on, this hand wax off").

This morning the guys in the yard got Southwind off her cradle and on to the big truck!  It was quite a production, and it took them about 5 hours from start to finish.  Watching them lift her up was crazy and really nerve racking!  After they got her in the lift, she stayed up for a couple hours, giving me just enough time to paint the last few spots of bottom paint and the waterline stripe.  Then she got loaded up and strapped down, ready to go to the shipyard first thing tomorrow morning.

Everyone is so excited for launch day. Finally our boat will actually be a boat again! Stay tuned to hear all about our launch adventure!

Lifting her out of her cradle

Is it just me, or is she leaning a bit?

The yard just got a little emptier!

All strapped down and ready to go!

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