Friday, June 26, 2015

Work some, play some

We have been busy working on Southwind and getting in as much sail time as possible!  We have managed to get the engine running beautiful and we are now able to motor whenever necessary without worrying about overheating! (Whew!!) This was a huge relief since winds can be shifty out on San Diego Bay and outside of the channels are very shallow areas which with a huge keel can be very hazardous.  We like to know that we have that engine ready to go if we need it!

After some trouble shooting we also realized that our alternator was bad and we began the hunt for a replacement.  We did another oil and filter change and replaced the fuel filter/water separator.  After doing a lot of research into the Westerbeke engine overheating problems, Tom was able to learn from others how putting in a bypass around the water heater would help keep the water flow pressure up to help keep the engine cool and VOILA! we were in business!
Thanks Downwind, for some great new life lines!

I was able to use my Sailrite machine to sew up some new sail covers to protect our sails which are in excellent condition!  A trip to Downwind on Shelter Island and the awesome guys there were able to help us get set up with new halyards, sheets for the genoa, and beautiful new lifelines (with gates on both sides, YAY!)

We have also installed a swim ladder, GPS, batteries, and some interior lighting.  

The project list seems never ending but we are really enjoying learning everything we can about outfitting our boat for safety and comfort.

We were able to spend a few nights on the docks and get a little sailing in.  We had our first anchoring experience at Glorietta Bay and it was amazing!  The girls and Tom were able to take the dinghy ashore and check out the beach, the girls also did a little swimming. Watching everyone have such a great time makes all the hard work worth it!

Downtown San Diego

Anchored at Glorietta Bay
Ending the day with a West Coast Sunset
Coronado Bridge San Diego