Sunday, March 22, 2015

Checking off projects - Bottom Paint DONE!

Hannah making our dusty old masts SHINE! :)
Its official. Call the papers, alert the media let the world know . . . we have new Bottom Paint! And it is gorgeous! Dad and mom spent two entire days covered in red dust from sanding and washing all of the old, gunky rust colored paint off the bottom.  Most of the painting was done by Mom and Emily, with Em rolling and Mom tipping. (I did some rolling too, but honestly, I suck at painting. I have a tendency to get paint on everything *except* what needs painting.)

Emily hard at work on our water line.

For the bottom we decided to go with Interlux products, and since weren't sure what the previous owners had used on the bottom before, the bottom got sanded almost down to the gelcoat.  Then, to build our bottom back up a paint we used three coats of InterProtect and three coats of Interlux Ultra.  While the paint is definitely not easy to apply, it was definitely way better than the AwlGrip two part stuff we put on the deck! After that experience, we were definitely ready to take the easy easier way out for the bottom. And I think it turned out pretty well, don't you?

Also, if I may direct your attention to the pictures below, you may notice that we have toe rail, gunwale, stanchions and lifelines installed! After so many set backs the last few months, it's nice to have more and more things to add to the "Done" list. And it is also nice to have lifelines on the boat so we don't constantly fear for our lives while we walk around the deck (which happens to be 12 feet in the air)!

Southwind after a good sand and scrub. 

Next on the agenda, David (the yard's Fiberglass guy) is going to finish the repair on our bow and give our hull some much needed TLC. He is going to do a full wet sand, wax and polish. Southwind is going to look like a new boat! We are counting down the days until our beauty sees the ocean, and we can't wait!

Bottom Paint = DONE!!

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