Monday, November 13, 2017

Another Week In The Yard

We have been back in Penasco for a week now working on boat projects and trying to get Empyrean ready to go back in the water. It seems like the projects have been never ending but finally we are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Last Sunday we crossed the border at San Diego/Tijuana after having enjoyed a week with family and  friends in Southern California.  After walking across the border and purchasing our visitor permits we took an all night bus back to Penasco. This was our final border crossing for the year.

It is so true how they say cruisers plans are written in sand at low tide. We never imagined that we would spend almost 6 months on the hard here in Penasco.  We have been caught up in projects, some planned and some not, most of which have taken longer than expected. Although yard time is never fun, we feel we have made the right decision to spend some extra time here since we are planning to make the big jump across the Pacific in early Spring.

Over the last week we have been working on thru hulls, raising our waterline, bottom sanding and prepping for bottom paint along with cleaning out lockers and cleaning off the much accumulated dust and dirt. Tom has also been busy trying to figure out the mounting of our new Mantus Anchor and a new anchor light. The new anchor is too big for our existing bow roller and so some modifications are necessary.

Over the past weekend things were very busy here in Penasco. We had been warned that the weekend would be rowdy as the city hosts an annual Biker Rally. As Friday rolled around thousands of bikers from all over the US and Mexico poured in. Just a block from the boat yard vendors were set up serving food and drinks and selling memorabilia.  Concert stages glowed through the nights as bands performed a variety of genres. Engines revved and tires smoked as the streets became crowded with motorcycle activity. Friday night Tom and I ventured out to take a look at all of the bikes that had begun to gather. I must say there are some pretty impressive bikes out there. The shear number of bikes gathered in this rather small city was pretty amazing. Saturday night was the busiest of all and we were able to watch some pretty awesome stunt bikes perform just outside of the yard gates. Overall I was pretty impressed with how well the invent was managed. Everywhere we looked it seemed people were having a good time.

Now Monday has rolled around and we are back to work and school here on Empyrean. It looks like we have another week in the yard. We are looking forward to getting out of here soon! Keeping fingers crossed for a pre-Thanksgiving launch!

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  1. I totally enjoyed our time in Rocky Point. We even volunteered with the bike rally. Just across the street is a really nice beach to enjoy sunsets! I’m so happy that you a other cruisers I suggested Cabralles are very happy day hi from Coastal Drifter!